PEEK Tubing

Product Description:

Medical Grade PEEK Tube

Excellent high temperature resistance, long duration working in 250°C, which is 50°C higher than PI, PPS, PTFE or PPO.
Excellent mechanical properties, high strength even in high temperature, high modulus, high fracture toughness, excellent dimensional stability and high repeat autoclavability. PEEK has the similar properties as aluminum for its high rigidness, dimensional stability and small linear expansion coefficient.
Excellent chemical resistance, only dissolves in concentrated sulfuric acid. PEEK has the same corrosion resistance as nickel steel, and it has low flammability value.
Excellent wear resistance, especially under 250°C, it maintains high wear resistance and low friction coefficient.
Excellent insulation stability, hydrolysis resistance
Excellent biocompatibility

Protective/supportive tubing for medical devices, insulation tube, wear-resisting tube


Inner diameter:1.00mm-10.00mm
Wall thickness:0.20mm-3.00mm


USP Class VI, Food & Beverage Grade, Industrial grade

Production Environment:

Class 100,000 Cleanroom
Packaging & Shipping:
  Double plastic bag and Plastic drum or box
   All kinds of transportion
Our Services:
1.X-ray opacity ( add filler and loading include: Bi2O3; Baso4)
2.Multi lumen tubes
3.Atraumatically Tipped Catheters
4.Holes Drilled
5.Over-molded cuffs
6.Custom assembly
7.In-process laser micrometer checks
8.Small to high volume production
9.Tip Radius
10.Custom--made colors ,sizes,materials
Company Information:
Established in November 2009, Shanghai Eco Precision Extrusion Technology Co., Ltd. is located in the Modern Medical Device Park, Zhangjiang, Shanghai. Our company was founded by a group of experts who are experienced in polymer materials and polymer precision extruded technology.
Certification:   ISO9001  Main Products: TPU Tube, PEEK tube, PA Tube, HDPE Tube, LDPE Tube,PEBAX Tube, PETG Tube, POE Tube PPSU Tube,Multi-Lumen Tube, and all kinds of medical tube clamps,luer locks

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